This week’s writing prompt is one of those heavy questions you get when you hear a motivational speaker. Seriously, what motivates you to succeed, besides the obvious of meeting your basic human needs like food, clothing, and shelter?

While that’s enough to keep us motivated, sometimes there’s more. You are not the same person you were a decade ago. Try telling a story that explains your values and how you’ve grown as a person. Describe how you challenged yourself or been challenged to grow.

What helps you to evolve? Is it a love of learning? Trying new things? Driving in new directions? Checking off lists of goals, large and small. Are you motivated by the ever popular bucket list?

Has the achievement of one goal fueled or inspired another?

Momentum is sometimes hard to maintain. How did you switch up your routines to stay fresh? How do you overcome distractions that prevent you from reaching your goals? What or who do you turn to in order to grow and meet those goals?


Writing note:This week’s question can be used when organizing a life lessons to include in memoir or ethical will. It can be used to relay a message for others or a reminder for yourself that you still have goals in life you’d like to accomplish.

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