We often talk about recording stories, writing a little something down. The hesitancy in beginning has more to do with our inner fears than anything else. We worry about not having enough stories to fill a book, or the energy, time or money to complete it all.

Don’t beat yourself up. Recording life stories isn’t always about writing a whole book. Sometimes it’s just about preserving a few stories.

Just pick one question. Think about it. Mull it over. When you’re ready, tell us your story.

Throughout the last 16 months or so, everyone’s life has changed: some good, some bad and, for millions, some horribly. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many to re-example our lives and how we want to live tomorrow.  By nature of our health or job scenarios, we’ve been forced to change. 

This week’s life story prompt asks you to take a look at the last year and really think about how this pandemic has impacted you and your family. What is different? How will your life change tomorrow? What decisions are you making now?

It is a big life story question, worthy of a longer contemplation. It may be one long story or a series of vignettes about moments. Enjoy this one.