Welcome to our new website. 

Documented Legacy is a mobile personal historian company based in southern New Jersey that helps families and organizations preserve their history through recorded storytelling and the archival preservation of photos, documents, and heirlooms. 

 Each life has a legacy. Most people have a list of projects they would like to create in their lifetime. Among the most talked about projects is recording stories from the past with older relatives and friends. Those personal stories bring life to our history. 

These stories are often of a life or from a life. They can be a memoir; tribute; a series of life stories; autobiography; biography; tribute; oral history; anniversary gifts; military history; legacy letter; ethical will; personal letters that supplement a last will and testament or financial document; intentions of charitable giving; or an archive of information, such as collections. Thats where we can help. 

 Since launching in 2011, the company helped numerous families and organizations document their experiences, values, beliefs and charitable decisions. As well, weve helped others rescue photographs in emergency response scenarios where Mother Nature or accidents caused people to lose their homes. 

 The story you may want to record may not be about an entire life but rather a part of a life: an event, tradition, moment, celebration, life lessons, collections, work history, faith, or an experience. Those are the moments that matter, the stories and histories that you want to pass along to the next generation. 

Join us here as we regularly discuss what it means to record a personal history, and preserve your stories for future generations. Its our goal to provide you with the motivation, ideas, and tips for recording your own story. 


Mary V. Danielsen