In October 2010, I took a road trip with my mother, Nina Camuti Danielsen, to upstate New York. Along the way we talked about life lessons and values. On breaks from driving, I dove into my notebook to write down everything she said. 

I asked her: Life hasn’t been easy for you. How do you communicate and pass on the life lessons you’ve learned in your lifetime to others? 

Here is what she said:

“Keep your dignity. Keep your calm. Issues usually resolve themselves. I just tried to lived my values. I tried in little communications to let my beliefs and values manifest themselves. Everyone can articulate, but not everyone is able to put their beliefs on paper

Nina Camuti Danielsen

I recently found the notebook while cleaning out a closet and found myself in a reunion of memories. Moments with Mom. I’m thankful I asked the question and grateful that I found the notebook in time to reread her advice when I need it the most.