This holiday season, consider gifting someone the idea of creating a Life Story Project. People want to spend time  with those they care about; time for memories; and time to share them with others. Our connected storytelling joins us as family.

Quite simply, buy a beautiful journal and a set of gel pens and pair it with our Top Life Story Questions. Write them a personal note, suggesting they begin to write or record a few stories. Suggest that you do it together over a few weekends. For less than $10-15 you can inspire someone, and show them you are interested in learning more about them.

Recording personal stories is an opportunity to share one’s thoughts, values, experiences, humor, joys, challenges, and life lessons. The storyteller will have time with the questions to think about the answers. With the journal in hand, they can make notes. The questions are designed to lead the storyteller through stages and transitions in life.

Looking for other ideas? Try our Life Story Questions for Cancer Survivors, which can be used for anyone overcoming a serious medical illness, or Top Life Story Questions About Home, which leads you on a path of discovery about what it means to have a safe and healthy home.

[Note: Our life story questions include sections on getting started; choosing writing, audio or video; compiling a few stories; staying focused; and writing tips.]

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