Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner


The Flip-Pal mobile scanner enables you to effortlessly digitize precious photos, documents, fragile records, artwork, keepsakes, and some three-dimensional objects such as coins, jewelry, medals, and textiles. The patented flip-and-scan technology allows scanning photos in place without removing them from an album or frame. The EasyStitch software quickly and automatically reassembles multiple scans into their larger original. Its battery operated, scans with the touch of a button to a high resolution, uses SD memory cards and doesnt require a computer to operate. When safeguarding your memories really matters, the trusted Flip-Pal mobile scanner is the ideal solution. 

Need Ideas? Check out our Memory Keeping Tips – More than 52 weeks of ideas on preservation and duplicating lifes most important memories. Documented Legacy worked with the makers of Flip-Pal mobile scanners to develop new ideas on preserving more using these handy portable scanners.  More. 

Memory Keeping Tips (for Flip-Pal scanner)