The following is a list of news stories and blogs we’ve been reading regarding life story writing, oral history, preservation, memoir, community projects and memory keeping tips. Enjoy!


10 Best Millennial Memoirs by Women in 2019: Must reads covering mental health, datingand running.

The Independent


How Do You Tell Your Story Without Bashing The People In It?

Thrive Global


The Once-Forgotten Greatest Generation

(Documenting service stories of Mexican Americans)


I’d Like To Volunteer, Sir: 75 years after D-Day, memories live on through oral histories

Herald Mail Media


What Was It Like: Four stories from the Normandy invasion.

Air and Space Magazine


Deborah Harry says memoir reflects a full life

San Francisco Gate


Actress Kate Mulgrew discovers her past in a memoir about her parents

Los Angeles Times


The Legacy of The Game Of Thrones

Global Village space