Pine Needles is the story of an addict, who found absolution in recovery from addiction and abuse to embrace a life that felt whole for the first time ever, just before a tragic accident nearly took her life. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and then a stroke that left her in a coma. This is her amazing story of journeying through a near-death experience and leaning on every lesson learned in addition recovery to survive once again.

Documented Legacy worked with the author over three years to compose this amazing story. We will be sharing snippets from her manuscript while moving through the publishing process. As well, we’ll soon post a snapshot on our Gallery page, explaining the 70,000-word manuscript.

Here are four affirmations she often shares with others in meetings:

  • Just go. Listen to what they have to say. I thought walking into Alcoholics Anonymous or therapy might be a hard task, but it’s working. If the first meeting location doesn’t work for you, try another one. That’s how I made a deeper connection to my sobriety that kept me clean for more than three decades. I listened and gave it all a try, one day at a time. 
  • Look into your own life. This may be difficult to do. You are never too old to stop the hopeless thinking.
  • The strength you have comes from within. You don’t have to feel incapable anymore. You don’t have to feel the weakness alone.
  • You can get on the phone and call Alcoholics Anonymous or any organization geared toward addictions and disorders. Find an organization or therapist to help you.”


This manuscript has been co-written by Mary V Danielsen, owner of Documented Legacy.