Recording memories for future generations

What is Legacy Writing?

Legacy writing is the act of recording aspects of a person or organization’s life-long history by documenting their experiences, values, beliefs, and charitable decisions through the use of story telling and ethical wills.

Why is Legacy Writing so important?

Recorded legacies tell stories for future generations and clarify your personal decisions in life. These stories are often the story of a life, or from a life. They can be a memoir, a tribute, a life story, an autobiography, a biography, an oral history, military history, legacy letters, an ethical will, personal letters that supplement legal wills or financial decisions, intentions of charitable giving, or an archive of information.

Without a documented legacy the next generation will not possess the same passion and appreciation for your experiences, the lessons learned, the sentimentality of your possessions or the motivations behind your final decisions.  Documented Legacy, LLC is focused on helping people record the stages and transitions in their life, not just the end of life.