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Strange as it may seem

16.03.2013 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen
How you spend time you enjoy is a form of love. It invigorates and inspires our lives.

Life story questions you will love for Valentine’s Day

Whether you share Valentine’s Day with a special someone or not, everyone can love. We have things we cherish, time we love spending, events ...

13.02.2013 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen
A stack of old letters and photos may open our memory to tidbits of information about family history.

Tidbit Hunting

Never underestimate the power of one tidbit of information about your family history that comes to you quite randomly. It may open the ...

06.02.2013 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen
Photo from entrance to exhibit at the National Constitution Center (note: no cameras are allowed inside.)

Like Springsteen, Sum Up Your Life Story

Before you begin a life story project you have to answer a few key questions. How do you want to be remembered? What events in ...

18.07.2012 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen

The communication gap in family histories widens

Communication is a process that cascades in every direction. In a well-oiled organization that information flows freely from the top down, the bottom ...

11.07.2012 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen

Is it an oral history or a personal history

Oral History or Personal History: There is a difference between the two. An oral historian is focused on recording events and stories in ...

09.07.2012 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen
One of my daughter's favorite early toys was a computer where she pretended to talk to people and write.

Life story writing one story at a time

When it comes to preserving one’s family history, most people love the idea of the finished product, but cringe at the workload it ...

29.06.2012 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen

20 questions to ask Mom on Mother’s Day

If on your to-do list is a dusty well-intentioned effort to sit down with your mother and begin recording life stories from her ...

09.05.2012 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen
Tom's life story writing assignment

Life story writing from the first grade

Most people don’t think they have anything important to write about in their life. It’s the first question they ask when discussing life story ...

03.02.2012 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen

Preserve your family’s American military history

Resist the urge to throw out old files, metals, personal papers and other memorabilia relating to your family’s military experience. When you have a ...

31.01.2012 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen