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Top Reasons to Record Your Military History

By Mary V. Danielsen Every soldier has a unique experience in the United States Armed Forces that illustrates a small piece of our American ...

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Documented Legacy 21514

Defining my soundtrack

  Music is the soundtrack of our lives.  As cliche as that sounds, it’s true.  We fall in love with music.  We turn to ...

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We are featured in SJ Magazine

We are  honored to be featured in the February issue of SJ Magazine, showing the work we've done in photo rescue following Hurricane ...

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Photo: Mary V Danielsen

Giving Thanks

Rewrite the what-are-you-thankful-for question and switch it out with a series of legacy questions.  Go around the table and ask everyone one question. ...

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For many, the opening day of baseball is the unofficial start of spring.

21 life story questions for spring

Sometimes you need a change of season to spark your interest in all the things you love about life and the moments you’d ...

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AsMarySeesIt is a Wordpress blog that shares  family stories and research documenting the artwork of Italian sculptor Fidardo Landi.

My crappy successful blog

I started a personal blog several years ago to share family stories with my large extended family before I left corporate communications to ...

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A stack of old letters and photos may open our memory to tidbits of information about family history.

Tidbit Hunting

Never underestimate the power of one tidbit of information about your family history that comes to you quite randomly. It may open the ...

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Photo courtesy of Archival Methods.  These are archival-quality storage boxes.

Family Photos – The archeological dig in my basement

It all started with a simple request from my brother to compile a dozen or so decent photographs of my sister, Lisa, for ...

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The communication gap in family histories widens

Communication is a process that cascades in every direction. In a well-oiled organization that information flows freely from the top down, the bottom ...

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One of my daughter's favorite early toys was a computer where she pretended to talk to people and write.

Life story writing one story at a time

When it comes to preserving one’s family history, most people love the idea of the finished product, but cringe at the workload it ...

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