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The Flip-Pal mobile scanner enables you to effortlessly digitize precious photos, documents, fragile records of personal and family history, artwork, keepsakes, and numerous three-dimensional objects such as coins, jewelry, medals, and textiles. The patented flip-and-scan technology allows scanning photos in place without removing them from an album or frame. The EasyStitch software quickly and automatically reassembles multiple scans into their larger original. It’s battery operated, scans with the touch of a button to a high resolution, uses SD memory cards and doesn’t require a computer to operate. When safeguarding your memories really matters, the trusted Flip-Pal mobile scanner is the ideal solution.

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From the Top Turret: A Memoir of World War II and the American dream (Amazon) is a true life story of Gerard Caporaso’s courage, faith, family and commitment. It is filled with sage lessons, written by Caporaso, 93, of Summit, New Jersey, and co-written by Mary V. Danielsen of Documented Legacy. The book takes readers on his tumultuous journey from training in the U.S. Eighth Air Force during World War II to the moment when the B-17 he was manning in the top turret, the Dottie J III, crash landed in a field outside Thiacourt, France during the second invasion on Schweinfurt, Germany and his survival as a prisoner of war.

Imprisoned in Stalag XVIIB in the village of Gneixendorf, Austria, Caporaso watched brutal German guards take hostile command of their perceived authority on life, slowly peeling away every layer of a manʼs dignity. Yet, only a prison camp full of ingenious engineers could find so many uses for the contents of a Red Cross parcel. In the spring of 1945 he survived a 300-mile Death March in the rain and snow on little to no food or water until he and fellow prisoners were rescued by Allied troops. Caporaso retired from the Air Force with the rank of Master Sargent. A personal history story, the book opens and closes with a legacy letter to family.

Cost $37.99 Amazon, Download $9.99

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The Documented Legacy Life Story Kit allows you to take your family history project from home to home, scanning photos on location and interviewing family members with our Top Life Story Questions. The kit includes a Flip-Pal® mobile scanner, batteries, cleaning cloth, window protector, Sketch Kit for taking notes, deluxe carrying case, notebook, and our top life story questions to jog you memory. $249.99 + sales tax

The Documented Legacy Life Story Interview Package preserves photos and stories in a great family project that you’ve talked about doing for years. It also works for longterm employees and retiring staffers. The package includes a two-hour life story audio interview where we’ll discuss 50-75 topics or more, the Flip-Pal® mobile scanner, batteries, cleaning cloth, window protector, Sketch Kit, deluxe carrying case, notebook, and our top life story questions. $549.99 + sales tax

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The Recorded Gift treats your loved one to a two-hour recorded memoir session with a professional personal historian to preserve life’s precious stories. When you’re not sure what to give, consider giving the gift that captures moments in time. We’ll help your loved one decide what topics to discuss, organize their memories, develop a detailed list of interview questions (approximately 50-75), conduct background research, and help prep them for their spotlight session. Your family’s life story session will be professionally audio recorded and produced on archival-quality DVDs for future enjoyment. Additional digital backups are also available. On the day of the session we’ll also take some casual photos to use on the DVD cover. $399.99 + sales tax

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