Recording memories for future generations

Legacy Writing & Personal Historian Program

Families collecting information about family births, deaths, marriages and history are learning that stories bring life to the family tree. Many plan to interview aging family members or record their own life stories for future generations, but they put off doing so – often until it is too late, when those who have lived the stories are too frail to tell them, their memories faded or their voices quiet. There is often a sense of grief when people realize that these stories are silenced forever.

This is also the case when an organization moves to create an archive of its history. When anniversaries and celebrations are scheduled or the crisis communications team is unfortunately called to duty, the task of compiling corporate history quickly seems too daunting. Often times, officials don’t know where to begin or how to organize the information. Beyond the annual report, a business should periodically document its history – typically at 10-year anniversaries – to preserve its culture and heritage.

Our Legacy Writing and Personal Historian Program helps you outline your project into phases, organize the research, preserve any historic documents, conduct interviews and create a personal history manuscript.  These projects can be as short as a few dozen pages or as long as a book.  Documented Legacy will help you whether you are looking to produce the project yourself and need guidance along the way or you want a partner producing the entire project.

Looking for more ideas? This Legacy Writing Program can also used for creating ethical tributes, eulogies, wedding vows, anniversaries, parent & teen programs, spiritual journeys, speechwriting, corporate communications, and other celebrations.