Recording memories for future generations

Ethical Will Facilitation

An ethical will is a recorded document that shares your life experiences, the lessons learned, values and beliefs with others. They are used to tell stories. Through every stage and transition in life there are opportunities to record an ethical will. It can be as simple as a hand-written letter or a recording or as long as a printed biography.

Often referred to as a legacy will, an ethical will can also be used to supplement your legal will, living will or charitable endeavors, giving a voice to your final wishes. (Keep in mind, however, that an ethical will is not a replacement for a legal or living will.)

Our Ethical Will Facilitation Program works with clients to teach them when to write an ethical will, how to prepare one, how to focus on the points you want to make, how to align these decisions with your legal will and living will, when to share these with your family and how to preserve your ethical will.