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Giving Thanks

Rewrite the what-are-you-thankful-for question and switch it out with a series of legacy questions.  Go around the table and ask everyone one question. ...

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Preserving family history can happen a story at a time.

Top Excuses for Not Preserving Family History

Most people have a list of wishes they'd like to accomplish in their lifetime. Preserving family stories is often one of them.  The ...

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My wish for 3 Cleveland women

A decade of misery is a monumental journey to move beyond. I agree that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight of Cleveland ...

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For many, the opening day of baseball is the unofficial start of spring.

21 life story questions for spring

Sometimes you need a change of season to spark your interest in all the things you love about life and the moments you’d ...

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Photo: Mary V. Danielsen

Strange as it may seem

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Intuition led me to find the soldier on the left and relatives of the soldier who is second from the left for my client on the right. Here they found a wild hog while horseback riding in Palo Duro Canyon, Texas, in 1943. They were training in the Air Force in Amarillo.

When my intuition goes into overdrive

 Intuition is a wildly successful skill to have as a personal historian. The process of working with clients always brings me closer to them. ...

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AsMarySeesIt is a Wordpress blog that shares  family stories and research documenting the artwork of Italian sculptor Fidardo Landi.

My crappy successful blog

I started a personal blog several years ago to share family stories with my large extended family before I left corporate communications to ...

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How you spend time you enjoy is a form of love. It invigorates and inspires our lives.

Life story questions you will love for Valentine’s Day

Whether you share Valentine’s Day with a special someone or not, everyone can love. We have things we cherish, time we love spending, events ...

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A stack of old letters and photos may open our memory to tidbits of information about family history.

Tidbit Hunting

Never underestimate the power of one tidbit of information about your family history that comes to you quite randomly. It may open the ...

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The Hope Tree

UNION BEACH, N.J. _ It’s Christmastime and this is a story about hope, the kind of hope that arises slowly after a tragedy.  ...

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