Recording memories for future generations

About Documented Legacy

Mary V. Danielsen

Documented Legacy, LLC assists people and organizations in recording aspects of their life-long history by documenting their experiences, values, beliefs, and charitable decisions through the use of story telling and ethical wills. (Read more about Legacy Writing).

The company is led by Mary V. Danielsen, a professional writer with more than 25 years in the communications industry. She has a background in public relations and communications, speech writing, genealogy research, legacy writing, and journalism. Her team includes writers, designers, printers and publishers.

How we work

Documented Legacy offers offer private and group consultation in the development, writing and recording of personal histories, ethical wills, and supplemental writing to accompany legal and living wills, estate planning, and charitable giving.

In a group consultation, for example, the company provides training and guidance in the development and writing of ethical and legacy wills, discussing why an ethical will is written, how and when to prepare for an ethical will, how to focus on the points that you want to make and how to align these decisions with your legal will and living will, when to share these with family, and how to preserve your ethical will.

In private consultations, usually done in conjunction with legal, financial or healthcare consultants or family members, the company works directly with clients to interview, and record an ethical will or document legacy letters to give passion and clarity to the decisions made in estate or life care planning. These consultations may also include conducting household inventory or family heirloom documentation.

In corporate communications, the company works directly with organization officials to develop a plan for recording the business history, transitions, anniversaries, and celebrations, and provides any needed public relations counseling. These services may include speechwriting, executive communications, tributes, biographies, and photography work.