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Defining my soundtrack


Music is the soundtrack of our lives.  As cliche as that sounds, it’s true.  We fall in love with music.  We turn to music to lift us up and carry us through tough times.  It motivates, encourages and soothes us.  Sometimes it’s our therapy. Other times we just want to be left alone with our music.

Could you name the soundtrack that defines you?

I wrote a blog post recently that randomly listed the top 100 songs about family. My own copy had me roaring with laughter, thinking about how diverse that list would be in my own family.  When comparing the best beats in any crowd there is always the potential for at least one argument or highly heated discussion. By way of example, my crowd includes a 92-year-old mother who still rocks the big band music from the 1940‘s, nine siblings, 25 nieces and nephews and a few greats. We’d need a 10-CD set that goes from early Louie Prima and Benny Goodman to Miley Cyrus.

Recently a friend told me she compiled a list of music she would like played at her funeral and the songs sung at her services. Having gone to enough funerals in her life she didn’t want her family to worry about what she would like someday. So she tucked the list in with her last will and testament and living will.  Her funeral soundtrack. Now she only reviews it when it’s time to update her will.

With an eclectic taste in music, I have several soundtracks that define me. To know me is to know that I write to one type of music,  work out to anything with a motivating beat, am loyal to my country music artists and been busted doing a little car dancing to pop.  Carol King is my old-school motivator, however, and Tapestry is my song, the single greatest rhythm to be woven throughout my life story.

My basic soundtrack looks like this:

Should’ve been a cowboy by Toby Keith

Tapestry by Carol King

Lean on me by Bill Withers

I will always love you by Vince Gill and Dolly Parton

Sissy’s Song by Alan Jackson

I will by The Beatles

Ave Maria by Andrea Bocelli

Over the Rainbow by Iz

Stay with me by Andrea Bocelli

Intermezzo by Pietro Mascagni (Cavalleria Rusticana) in violin

Close Your Eyes by James Taylor

Ave Maria by Luciano Pavarotti

All that you can take by Vince Gill

Remember Me by Warren Zevon

On Eagles Wings (Gospel)

Rescue Me by Wynonna Judd.

What’s your soundtrack?  If you were writing your life story this year, or getting ready for a family event, such as a reunion or graduation, what music would you listen to?

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