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Top reasons to take a portable scanner with you

 Last weekend when I traveled to visit my brother and help with a Victorian Christmas House Tour in his town I added my Flip-Pal mobile scanner to my packing list. Once my suitcase was jammed with my shoes and toiletries, I decided I overpacked and out came the Flip-Pal. Four hours later I was full of regret.

Once I got to my brother’s home I remembered why I needed it. He had family photos of my great grandfather’s artwork that I had never seen before. For the last 20 years I’ve been hunting down his artwork in a sort of occupational genealogy project. My brother held a piece of the puzzle, copies of a sculpture that was submitted for a competition he didn’t win. The photos, complete with handwritten notes from my grandmother, are part of his story. My entire Flip-Pal mobile scanning kit weighs less than one pound. My unnecessary toiletries and the clothing I didn’t wear weighed more and required more luggage space.

As families come together throughout this holiday season, there is a common thread of family history that’s woven throughout our conversations. We talk about the past, enjoy today and make plans for tomorrow.  We want to bring it all together.

Here are six reasons why you should bring a scanner with you when visiting family this season.

  1. Can I get a copy of that photo – Many decorate with family photos for the holidays. They bring out old group photos to show how we’ve grown. Some use landscape and floral photography in their gift wrap, decorating, annual cards and calendars. Others even keep baskets of loose old photos on the coffee table as conversation starters. Eventually someone asks, “Can I get a copy of that?” Instead of printing and mailing loads of photos to extended family members each year, why not carrying a Flip-Pal between homes and share an annual family disc.  Create themes, such as favorite summer vacations, grandparents, or last year’s holiday photos.
  2. The Family History Conversation – Whether you have a new family historian in the crowd, a seasoned genealogist or someone wishing they were, family history conversations always lead to what each member of the family has stashed in their attics, basements or drawers. Where are the files that can tell the story of your family’s beginning. The group scanning event is a fun family project while we’re all sharing stories.
  3. Time – Preserving pieces of the past for future generations is one of the most talked about bucket list items. If we don’t make time to preserve photos and stories from the past it won’t get done. How many times have you said, “Let’s schedule some time and bring all our photos and records together so we can copy them for each other.” Set a date already. A Flip-Pal mobile scanner, set at 300 dpi, can scan approximately 300 photos an hour. In four hours you could scan 1,200. Consider rotating two scanners in the family, allowing each household time to scan their photo stash. Time is the hardest gift to give.
  4. The Lightbulb Moment – Tis the season for new resolutions, creative ideas, business initiatives and general all-around organizing. We get lots of ideas this time of year. A lightweight, portable scanner that’s versatile enough to fit into a purse or camera bag is just the gadget you need to help launch a million ideas. Bring the Flip-Pal Sketch Kit with you to record ideas with each scan. Ideas happen: scan them to memory.
  5. The Best Friend Moment – Maybe you’ve done all this already, but someone close to you hasn’t. Offer up time and use of your Flip-Pal scanner to help a friend, neighbor or coworker scan their family photos or documents. Make your own gift certificate for them. It’s not work when you’re having fun getting things accomplished.
  6. Next year – Some 365 days from now you don’t want to be reminded that you planned to do all these things last year and the year before.

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