Recording memories for future generations
For many, the opening day of baseball is the unofficial start of spring.

21 life story questions for spring

Sometimes you need a change of season to spark your interest in all the things you love about life and the moments you’d like to freeze in time so they always remain that perfect. This way you’ll remember them. Each year, the blossoming of spring brings us new hope as everything comes alive again. It also brings a great opportunity to document those moments.  Here are 21 life story questions to crack open the attic of your memories and do a little spring cleaning.

  1. What do you love about the change of seasons and why?
  2. Tell us a story about your favorite part about springtime.
  3. Describe an unexpected adventure you once had in the spring.
  4. What memories does the springtime evoke for you?
  5. Did you play any springtime sports? What were they and what did you love about the joy of playing? Talk about this for a while.
  6. What traditions do you typically start in the spring?
  7. Describe habits of your springtime ritual. (For instance, do you spend an entire weekend prepping fishing equipment for the season or always clean the garage on April 1st? Do you rearrange all your bedroom closets?)  What ritual has been passed down from generation to generation? Do you know why?
  8. If home maintenance is one of your springtime rituals, tell us a story about it. What is your routine? What equipment or supplies do you use? How did that change over the years? Who else helped?  Do you enjoy it or look forward to the solitude of an assignment and why?
  9. What did you learn about yourself from these routines?
  10. Tell us a story about a very special memory you have that happened in the spring (something different that listed in questions # 2 and 3.)
  11. Are there any birthdays, anniversaries or celebrations you enjoy in the spring?  Tell us why they are special to you.
  12. Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what are your family’s Easter traditions?
  13. Tell us a story or two about Easter traditions from years ago.
  14. What was the faith-based celebration like in your family? Routines? How did you prepare?
  15. What did you typically sacrifice for Lent?
  16. Food is a big part of most families’ Easter celebration. What did your family typically cook?
  17. What sights or sounds do you love to hear in the spring and why?
  18. Have you ever fallen in love in the spring? Got married? What was that like (Take your time here telling the story. We want all the details, including, sights, sounds and heartstrings.)
  19. Did you meet your best friend in the springtime and still remember the encounter? Tell us about it, including when, where and how.
  20. What do you look forward to in the spring?
  21. If you were advising someone not to miss their life – live it to the fullest – what would you advise them to do or how would you encourage them to enjoy the springtime?

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