Recording memories for future generations
How you spend time you enjoy is a form of love. It invigorates and inspires our lives.

Life story questions you will love for Valentine’s Day

Whether you share Valentine’s Day with a special someone or not, everyone can love.

We have things we cherish, time we love spending, events we love doing and moments that matter in our lives. There are people we enjoy being around and some we wish were still here. Music and food fill our senses. Finally, there are the ever popular heart pumping, but seldom talked about scenarios we sometimes imagine and wish would come true.

While February 14 is focused on sharing the day with a sweetheart, here are 50 life story questions to inspire memories that invigorate love in our life. So, let’s have at it.

Growing Up

  • Name something you loved when you were little: a person, an event, a toy, a memory.
  • What was special about it? What did it look like?
  • Where was it kept or where did it live?
  • When did it happen?
  • Why do you remember it so fondly?
  • Did it have an impact on your life? Tell us about it.
  • Is it still in your life today?

Valentine’s Day in School

  • What was Valentine’s Day like for you growing up?
  • Did you make a big fuss in school?
  • Was there a party in midday?
  • Did you make envelopes or boxes to receive your Valentine’s? How were they typically made?
  • Did you make your cards to share with others or buy them?
  • Did you ever create a special one for someone special?
  • Who was it and why did you admired them.
  • Tell me what it was like going through your Valentine’s cards from other students?
  • What type of school events surrounded Valentine’s Day? Did you ever have school dances? What were they like?
  • What kind of a fuss did your family make?
  • Did you ever receive a big box of chocolates or a gift? What was that like?

A day to remember

  • What do you remember about the first time someone made a fuss over you on Valentine’s Day?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • Tell us about your most special Valentine’s Day?  Why was it special?
  • What do you like about that day that still lingers for you?
  • What mementos do you still have from that day?

Time Well Spent

  • Tell us a story about something you love to do, especially when you make time for yourself? (think hobbies, sports and past times)
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • How did you get started?
  • Who were your influences or mentors and why?
  • Do you have collections surrounding this?
  • How big is the collection?
  • Tell us a story about these collections and why they are special to you?
  • What is its value to you? (Monetary or sentimental)

Moments that Matter
Moments that matter for us don’t have to be giant celebrations, but memories that linger on as if they happened just yesterday. They are the kind of memories where we remember most all the details. We remember how good we felt. They connect us and define us.

  • Pick a few special occasions in your life and tell us what you love about them.
  • Tell us why they’re special and why they still resonate for you.
  • Were there any lessons learned from those experiences and what were they?
  • Name one thing you love about your life and why.
  • What advice would you give someone today on how to fill their life with love.
  • Name something you would love to do in your life and why.

The juicy stuff

  • Do you have an unrequited love? Who is it and what was special about this person?
  • What are the circumstances behind this person leaving your life?
  • What is the biggest lesson you learned about yourself from the last person to break your heart?
  • What philosophies do you have about love?
  • Do you have a secret crush? Who is it and why is this exciting to you?
  • What do you find attractive in people?
  • What do you admire and why?
  • What do you find sexy in another person?
  • Who is your special Valentine? (Today or past.)
  • What makes this person so special to you? When did you know? When you think of your Valentine, how does that person make you feel?
  • What do you find attractive or sexy in your special Valentine?
  • What do you like to do to create romance in your life? How often do you do that?  How does that invigorate your soul?
  • After those special moments, how do you follow that up to keep the love alive?

Certainly these answers don’t need to be posted in the comments section of this blog, but feel free to jazz up my week. When you’re thinking about recording stories of your life, however, don’t forget to make those stories touch your senses. Your heart feels. It keeps you alive.  So too, will the stories about love in your life.


My daughter is happiest when spending time outside. Add a tree she could climb and her day is perfect.

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