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AsMarySeesIt is a Wordpress blog that shares  family stories and research documenting the artwork of Italian sculptor Fidardo Landi.

My crappy successful blog

I started a personal blog several years ago to share family stories with my large extended family before I left corporate communications to ...

19.02.2013 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen
How you spend time you enjoy is a form of love. It invigorates and inspires our lives.

Life story questions you will love for Valentine’s Day

Whether you share Valentine’s Day with a special someone or not, everyone can love. We have things we cherish, time we love spending, events ...

13.02.2013 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen
A stack of old letters and photos may open our memory to tidbits of information about family history.

Tidbit Hunting

Never underestimate the power of one tidbit of information about your family history that comes to you quite randomly. It may open the ...

06.02.2013 Posted in Blog by Mary Danielsen