Recording memories for future generations

20 questions to ask Mom on Mother’s Day

If on your to-do list is a dusty well-intentioned effort to sit down with your mother and begin recording life stories from her past, this Mother’s Day is a great time to ask her a few questions. The focus is on Mom for the day. Take the time to ask her what she appreciates about motherhood. Here are 20 legacy questions to get you started. If you are a parent, too, then consider answering them together. You will be surprised at what you learn. Have fun with it!


Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. When you were a little girl how did you dream about being a mother? What did you see for yourself?
  2. How did your own upbringing reflect on that dream?
  3. How did you meet your husband ( your children’s father)?
  4. What discussions did you have about starting a family? Do you remember telling your husband the first time you were pregnant? Was it a surprise or a long-planned event?
  5. What was the transition like when you went from being someone’s child to someone’s parent? How long did it take you to really get used to the idea?
  6. How did your pregnancies go? Did you have morning sickness or any health problems along the way?
  7. What hospital did you deliver your children child in?  What do you remember about going into labor? What do you remember about the day or the week each of your children were born?
  8. Tell me something about each of your children as a baby. What was unique about each one of them?
  9. Did you have a family rocking chair? Which children thrived being rocked? Who liked their quiet space?
  10. Did you have any pet names for your children? Do you still use them?
  11. While you were raising your family did you rely the advice of experts such as Dr. Spock? Where did you go for information? What books or sources did you use?
  12. What did you love about pregnancy?
  13. What did you love about the infant stage?
  14. What did you love about the toddler stages
  15. What did you love about the elementary school years
  16. Congratulations on surviving the teenage years! What stands out in your mind about the teenage years. Tell me a story.
  17. Can you remember one memorable thing that each of your children said, something that surprised you, amused you or impressed you that still sticks out in your mind? Tell me something unique about each of your children.
  18. Looking back now, starting with your first imaginary thoughts of becoming a mother as a little girl, how does it feel to watch your children grow up?
  19. What has given you the most joy as a mother?  Describe it.
  20. What advice do you have for the next generations as they begin their own families? What would you wish for them? What advice is most critical for them to remember?

    Preserving memories for grandchildren is a good reason to start recording family stories now.

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